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There is a truth in the maxim that “Love conquers all”, but do not mistake that for fluffy bunnies and ego rubs, what Francesca brings to the table is a fierce love. She stands toe to toe with your shadow and your demons and helps you reclaim ownership over your own destiny. While beautifully holding a safe and loving space, she allows, loves and guides you to places and corners you may only have dreamed of.It is profound work and work for the brave, but Francesca has the ability to bring out the hero in everyone. We can learn to love and accept ourselves not only for what we are but also for all that we can be. A month later I am still learning, realizing and unfolding as the power of the session continues to work through my being.Thank you Fran. That’s a testimonial I guess, words seem so limiting but I have to accept that I cannot express the profundity and depth of what you have given, not only myself but my wife too.

Beautiful Grace, the shamanic healing you facilitated was exactly what I had been praying and longing for most of my life.You guided me back to my original being.Thank You. I pray that you receive the multitude of blessings that you have earned.You have the connection that most people wish they had, many proclaim that they can do the work but seem to fall short. I was given a great gift by you, Self-Love, and will reflect that to you often. One love and blessings.

Hi Francesca. I want to thank you for the incredible Shamanic session you brought to me. I came to you originally because of issues related to sexual performance which I thought were due primarily to aging and "lack of use syndrome"Against my judgment you suggested that we start by looking into matters that may have been deep rooted in my psyche. While I felt that these “matters” could have little to do with the problem at hand I agreed to follow your advice.I have been burdened with memories, literally demons, from experiences in Vietnam for the last 43 years. As you are aware these demons involved death, dying and the taking of life. While I have successfully developed a psychic “callous” to wall off these memories they have been present in my life everyday. I have not been able to talk about them nor deal with them effectively in any other way.One session with you allowed me to reach deep into my self and to communicate with those memories and even the other people involved. I was able to actively make amends to others and to my 19 year old self and release a major part of these demons. By no means have these memories evaporated completely but they are no longer the all encompassing burden that they have been for so many years.I still don’t understand any direct connection to my sexual function except to say that I feel a concrete reduction in depression, depressive thought processes and anger. I have had a very real improvement in sexual function to match. I thank you.

"Frustrated by setbacks in virtually every area (love, money, name it) I was looking for solutions.Except that I had tried so many things that I had basically given up looking. Just stewing in the pain and frustration of times past and unable to find an exit."Through a gigantic series of blessed 'coincidences', I met Francesca.I instantly felt that there was something different and special about her. As I listened to her story (stories!) I understood that she had seen things and been places that few people do in this life and live to tell about.And, in fact, she had died. Almost a year ago exactly, she had massive health issues that resulted in the loss of motor control, memory. She had a restart.But now, I only saw her vibrance and her power.And so we met.It was against the context of my frustration with life in general that she began to work with me.And what a work!She opened the space in true shamanic fashion, but without unnecessary display of any kind. She was kind, but firm. Down to earth. And continually asked me what I was feeling and sensing.We continued for three hours. Canceling unconscious contracts and opening up new pathways of light and life. It was a transformational experience to say the least. I felt new worlds open up inside. Connected to my inner child.It was almost too good to be true. To be real.Was it?I have taken a few days to process what happened inside. I feel much more relaxed--chronic facial tension that I have had for at least a decade seems largely gone. Friends say I seem more relaxed. More present.My body feels like a 'comfortable place to be'...maybe for the first time. And I feel like I have a space on the planet.I don't know exactly how Grace does what she does, but the change for me was nothing short of miraculous. From incredible frustration to a 'lightness of being' that is virtually impossible to describe.Francesca is the BOMB. For shamanically-based work, I have never met anyone with the patience, quality of presence, knowledge of healing, clarity or power of Grace.If you can work with her, I recommend you do."

- Ryan Orrock

I recently received a synchronistic connection to Francesca's spiritual healing work that she provides as a beautiful, and powerful Shamanic practitioner.I didn't have a specific purpose for the request for a session, but was following an inner guidance that prompted me in a strong way to reach out and patiently wait for my turn to receive and co-create with her spiritual medicine.I am so happy that I listened to this inner guidance, because the healing I received has been, to this day, one of the most powerful and significant healings in my life.Francesca has combed through the many strands that make up the raw material of our living tapestry, and she has not hesitated when she encounters a knot, no matter the size or complexity. I can feel this deeply in her presence... this fearless embrace of all that makes us human... and it is exactly this quality that translates her Shamanic expression into a deeply resonant field of healing and transcendence.Please accept my loving words as a catalyst to choose your healing path... to move out of your own way if you are wavering, and if you are feeling called, to reach out to Francesca. There will be loving, fearless arms to receive you. I am witness... and I bless your steps forward in your own healing co-creation. With a warm Heart, 

- Morgaine Owens

Thank you so much for the amazing healing work you did for me. I know of no more powerful, loving, insightful healer/ Shaman-ess, and I feel so grateful that I was allowed the gift from the Universe of your working on me. You brought back soul pieces I thought I already had back and removed cords and entanglements, and much more. You truly made me feel whole again so I could function with two feet grounded and you gave me back clarity. You changed my life overnight literally, thank you, thank you thank you!
If anyone is considering Shamanic work, I highly recommend Grace Francesca. I consider her one of the wisest human beings I have ever met and am so blessed to have met her and spent time in the Amazon jungle with her learning from the womb of Mother Nature. She has given me so many lessons that I repeat to all who will listen. I have absolute faith she can help you. Period.

- Linda Byorth Detrio

“Thank you, Francesca!  The session was awesome.I am finding that I have more clarity, more energy, more light, and am more empowered to make choices that result in growth and healing for myself and for those in my sphere of influence.”I appreciated that the session started off by establishing some very clear boundaries and expectations. As you cleared and protected the space, I felt very safe and very loved. The following moments with the combination of divine catalyst work, affirmations, soul retrievals, lots of vibrations and energy, lights, and the sounds of a tornado, coughing, and spitting went very deep.Thank you for the work that was done to clear past life lineage commitments and contracts which were major obstacles to spiritual practice and growth.  Thank you for the emphasis on being connected to my body, in my body, and loving myself.  I'm still working on this!The nice integratory homework has been fun too!  Your guidance to "rest for a few days" was needed.  You went deep and directly to the root of the issues.  This was very evident during 5 days following the session, as it was an emotional rollercoaster ride for me as everything around me shifted in response to your work.Thank you Francesca!

Writing this testimony is a challenge because I'm not sure there are words that can truly express how grateful I am to know Francesca Oldani. Francesca has helped me through some of the darkest and most difficult times of my life in the most caring and graceful way. When I first met Francesca, I was battling with a number of challenges such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, an extremely stressful and unfulfilling profession, pornography addiction, a toxic and codependent relationship, and an involuntary awakening of kundalini. I felt hopeless, weak, trapped, and suicidal. Francesca was able to support me the way no one else seemed to know how. Francesca was completely present with me and listened without any judgment.  Francesca held my soul in the most loving and supportive way and taught me how I can do the same for myself. Francesca taught me to love and care for myself, and how to connect with and express my true self.  Francesca has an amazing ability to guide and empower you in the midst of total chaos and stress to a safe place where you can identify the roots of your worries, gently let them go, and regain your lost power.  Francesca's intuition is absolutely remarkable. She helped prepare me to face my fears and move on from the things that were causing my pain and suffering. I feel that what Francesca has done for me is quite possibly the greatest gift one can receive.  I feel this way because she helped me take my life back.  Her medicine truly is love and helped me to finally heal. Francesca guided me to a place of clearer understanding where I now enjoy a much more fulfilling life.  I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to receive such valuable support and wisdom from an amazing teacher with the willingness to share it with others.
Francesca, my heart is forever open to you offering all my love and gratitude for all that you are and do.

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