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About Francesca

Francesca Oldani's clairvoyant ability makes high definition television seem fuzzy. She offers a wellspring of Healing, Love, Compassion, and Support that allows for the embrace of those invisible small and dark places we are often unwilling or unable to see alone.

"Basket Weaver, Shaman, Intuitive, Friend, Healer, and Seer, Francesca Oldani, acts as a guide and teacher providing medicine to mend the fragments of the once wounded soul and Spirit.  Her own process of healing and becoming allows the inner child to soar to its rightful place as heir to the throne, sovereingly seated in the inner chamber of the Heart.  


Burning through the darkest night she walks courageously offering the gifts of peace and comfort, she shares the warmth of her fire with pristine clarity and a fluid empathy.  Offering tools that are only earned through availing immeasurable trial, she gives selflessly from her discovery of truth awakened in the silence of the darkest hours of the night.  With a brilliance and radiance that comes from finding ones way home through the blackness of a starless and cloud covered night, she impeccably offers herself as guide on the road home."

Training, Experience and Studies

Holographic Kinetics Practitioner, an advance Aboriginal Healing Modality 2015 to present
Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, 2014
Most recent Near Death Experience, 6/11/12
Past Life regression training
Master Energy Medicine Practitioner Training 2008
Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church,2008
Schear Institute School of Massage  1997
Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute
Theraputic Touch 
Healing Touch 1986
12 year apprenticeship and mentorship with Apache Medicine Woman 1988
Former Goat farmer and  animal rescue farm owner operator
35yr Business Owner Operator, Upholstery, Furniture Design, Interior design
Home Construction apprentice under an Architect trained and schooled by Frank Lloyd Wright

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